Kessler Payment Solutions

With experience from both the banking and merchant side, the Kessler Group partners with large corporates in Australia to better understand, manage and reduce the cost of payment acceptance across all channels. We work closely with clients to understand their current payment channels usage, service levels, and cost to identify cost reduction opportunities and service level improvement opportunities.

Current complexities in Payments

Payments channels, regulation, and pricing are changing rapidly and it is often hard for a business to dedicate the specialised resources and time commitments necessary to ensure both maximum efficiency and outstanding customer experience.  Our Payments Solutions team brings deep industry, analytics, and customer behaviour experience to our clients to deliver current year tactical benefits and long-term value.

As part of our engagement with our clients we provide a number of initial services, including:

  • Current payment channel usage and cost analysis (all payment channels; cards, Bpay, Australia Post, EFT, transaction banking, government supported payments, new payment platform payments & services, in-app and QR-coded, cryptocurrencies, etc.)
  • Cost reduction opportunity identification, prioritization, and execution (unit cost, channel mix and usage, alternate providers etc.)
  • Service provider contract analysis and adherence (down to clause and service level)
  • Growth impact analysis (organic and M&A driven) and resulting volume/cost growth.

Strategic Advisory and Ongoing services

Innovation in payments is rapid, often with new capabilities and services launching weekly.  We work with our clients on an individualised level to ensure there is a balanced approach to where to invest and how to invest in new channels and capabilities. For example, how can the new payments platform be leveraged at scale in payments acceptance.

For our clients, we provide a number of ongoing services which include:

  • Monthly payments channel, mix and cost tracking analysis
  • Monthly invoice analysis and savings claw-back processing
  • Fraud and chargeback monitoring
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Quarterly global landscape scans for innovation and opportunities
  • Regulatory, legislative and scheme mandate impact analysis and action planning

We also offer a number of other bespoke services as required by our clients and are constantly working to adjust as necessary. For example, running and managing a full RFP for cards acceptance or simply a contract renewal process.