Our History – Australia

Kessler Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd (“KFSA”) was founded in 1998 in conjunction with a relationship with American Express to develop the affinity credit card market in Australia. KFSA quickly identified that the professional market was very responsive to affinity programs, and a number of associations signed up.

In the early 2000s, we also offered home loans and life insurance to the members of professional associations, and Kessler’s relationships continued to develop.

Additionally, KFSA has been involved in a number of key credit card programs in Australia, including advising Citibank in the acquisition of the Cuscal credit card portfolio, and supporting David Jones, Woolworths and Virgin Money in developing credit card partnerships with various Australian issuers.

The debt advisory business was introduced in 2009 and is now involved with the sale of approximately 25% of all debt sold in Australia each year.

In Australia, Kessler continues to grow and develop, leveraging its unique competence in intermediating relationships to achieve a better outcome for all parties.