Advisory Services

The Kessler Group offers credit issuers access to our experts to identify ways to improve initial (internal) collections and benchmark internal processes and performance to drive strategy enhancements in their business.  Our team of credit and collections professionals has a wealth of experience in debt recovery, helping clients understand the true value of their debt and identify action plans to optimise performance.  Our services include:

  • Debt Management Strategic Review – benchmarking of your collections and recoveries strategy (and/or operation) against peers and best practice to identify and prioritise improvement opportunities
  • Debt Portfolio Value Optimisation – an in-depth analytical evaluation of your debt portfolio in order to identify value-maximising strategies for specific segments of debt

Other services include debt purchaser/portfolio valuation model support and investor due diligence support.

Debt Collection

Right debt, right agency, right price. We offer clients an end-to-end debt placement and management technology platform to get the best from your debt portfolio. We increase your collections via advanced segmentation and unique insight:

  • Manage your costs with easy integration
  • Mitigate risk with full control
  • Achieve a net cash return uplift over previous performance

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Debt Sale

Established in 2010, Kessler is the leading debt sale intermediary in Australia. The nature of our services mean that we are the ‘hub’ of the Australian debt industry and we have a detailed understanding of the debt sale market, working closely with leading credit issuers and debt buyers.

Kessler has successfully sold in excess of 2 million individual customer accounts with a face value of approximately $3.5 billion in Australia alone. Kessler has sold bankrupt accounts (part IV, part IX, and part X), commercial accounts, high balance accounts and non-standard collection process accounts.

Kessler has experience across telecommunication, automotive (secured and unsecured), utilities and financial services portfolios.

We enter long term partnerships with our clients and execute sale of debt programs as detailed below:

  • Sale Design – From sale strategy to account selection and valuation, we ensure the sale is designed to fit the market conditions and the seller’s objectives, by offering the following services:
    • Sale strategy development
    • Sale timing management
    • Portfolio valuation
    • Portfolio selection
    • Portfolio packaging
  • Sale Execution – With a large and diverse purchaser network and a proven track record, we bring certainty to completing transactions through management of the following components of debt sale:
    • Purchaser network
    • Bidding process
    • Liquidity matching
    • Benchmark pricing
    • Portfolio matching exchange

Kessler’s approach to debt sales delivers several key benefits to our clients:

  • Applying analytics and industry insight to your sale strategy, providing a continual advantage
  • Improving the quality of your sale files with industry-leading data file preparation
  • Maximising price potential through segmentation aligned to market appetite
  • Building closer relationships with buyers to protect your market by accessing a wide range of debt purchasers
  • Assisting purchaser valuations with high-quality portfolio packaging and a transparent sale process
  • Implementing compliant and transparent post-sale processes with efficient and secure online management of queries